AIB completed a full reconstruction of this home in the Blue Mountains. Damage from a tree fall was so severe that the entire premises needed complete demolition and reconstruction. As the owners needed to be in temporary accommodation work needed to be completed as quickly as possible, the owners who had suffered a great loss needed to be reinstated to a home which was restored to its original standard, with minimum trauma.

AIB were appointed to provide the restoration and repair of a boat shed following storms which had brought down a large tree. Large machinery was required for delivery of materials and supplies and the utilisation of water access via barge ensured that the main dwelling was protected from trade activity at all times and the repairs were cost-effective for the insurer.

AIB provided restoration services to all levels and areas on this multi-level block following water ingress via the roof and ceiling during heavy storms.  The works included removal of carpet, underlay and Masonite and installation of specialist drying equipment to return floor areas to satisfactory moisture levels.  As the premises was owned and operated by an Educational Publishing House thousands of books required boxing and storing off site. Work had to be completed as swiftly as possible to ensure minimal loss of business.

Due to the chemical environment, the metal roofs and flashings on many industrial sites that AIB attend, require regular maintenance, replacements and upgrades.  AIB has extensive knowledge of the stringent WHS constraints and the in-depth Risk Analysis and Planning involved in industrial sites. This project involved 2.5km of roof sheeting and a new ventilation system.

AIB were appointed to provide rectification works following a burst water pipe within this strata block. The affected area was on the top floor which caused subsequent damage to each floor below. This project required complex coordination and consultation to ensure minimal disruption to over 100 units.

AIB completed an after-hours make safe to remove a large tree which had fallen onto this property.  A crane was required to remove the tree and the home was made watertight with tarpaulins and sandbags. A Level 2 Electrician isolated electrics, as the point of attachment was damaged, and a specialist Asbestos removal team cleared the site of contaminated materials.

Following a fire on a property at Hawkesbury Heights, AIB were engaged to remove and replace the damaged water tank and 2km of perimeter fencing. As well as the extensive fencing required, this project also involved complex logistics for the transportation of the tank to the property and subsequent rectification to the farm equipment and home.

AIB were called to attend an emergency make safe in Sydney’s West where strong winds had caused severe damage to the side wall of a commercial building. The collapse of the wall destroyed several vehicles and the asbestos content caused a hazard to the pedestrian zone adjacent. A 33,000 Volt HV overhead powerline had to be de-energized by Ausgrid prior to the commencement of work.  Work had to be conducted swiftly and flawlessly due to a high media profile and to allow this factory to maintain business operations.

To commemorate the 125-year anniversary of both Centennial Park and Sydney Water, Australia’s Insurance Builders were engaged to complete the restoration of the historic Centennial Park Valve House – a pumping station facility. The entire roof structure was redesigned back to its original form which involved sourcing and milling original materials for the hand cut and pitched roof timbers, importing Welsh Blue Slate and commissioning specialist lead detailing.